This Photographer’s View

Photography to me is an expression of life….

of its best and also its worst.

To be able to capture the essence of life’s most powerful, meaningful and beautiful moments and store them forever, is in and of itself miraculous.

I thank God for the gift of Photography.

I thank Him for painting such beautiful tapestries out of nature for us to enjoy with our eyes and to preserve with our cameras & canvases.

I thank Him for the gift of human life and the celebrations we have because of it.

I thank Him for the emotions we feel when we are moved by a captured moment

— be  it  happiness, 











  or  contentment.

These feelings and more are evoked from the images of real life that happens all around us

born out of real circumstances…….

and sometimes poor decisions.

 If it weren’t for these images, some of us may never get to experience some of our emotions,

and then never be driven to have compassion or love for another because of feeling those emotions.

They cause us to reexamine ourselves and our own lives and allow us to look into someone else’s life,

perhaps less fortunate than us, or just different than we are,  from a new perspective and with a new understanding and a softened heart. 

Or they could be more successful, which may cause hope and determination to rise up within us

to help us to become all that we were created to be.

And then I thank Him for His creation of wildlife, some which many would never know of

or even have the opportunity to see how they look  if a photo was never captured of them. 

And I thank Him  for the gift of vision from a photographer’s perspective which gives me the ability to see the world through different eyes.

I thank Him that I’m blessed to be able to do what I do

and to have a chance to prosper at what I love to do.  

And most of all, I thank Him for the awesome gift of eyesight.

Because without that, I’d never be able to capture the beauty of life through my lens,

nor would I get to enjoy the

beauty of colors, 

facial expressions,

to see laughter,



even innocence,

or to see any part of this big, beautiful world

created for all of us to share

and  be a part of,

to take care of and

to enjoy.

Lord, You are an Awesome God! How could anyone deny you?

There’s traces of you everywhere. We just have to look around…. and then within ourselves.

By: Sherrie Conkel who’s Capturing Life’s Best with each shot she takes…..

Enjoy Your Life, Talents, & Most of all, Your Loved Ones— they only come but once.


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