Cash, Visa, MC, AMEX as a credit/debit card and also through Paypal, Square or Revolution Money.

Personal Checks (local banks ONLY).

Square also accepts Discover along with Visa, MC, AMEX.


1) Payments for deposit and session fees can be made from the button on my site via Paypal with a debit or credit card, (you do not need a Paypal acct. to make payments and it is completely secure).

2) I can also send you an invoice via email for the deposit or for the session fee, or both together, once the time and date for it has been agreed upon prior to booking it.

3) And I can take debit/credit cards in person, or over the phone, through my Square acct. and can email you an immediate receipt. You can come to my studio in Philadelphia TN, or we can meet somewhere.

4) And naturally I can accept cash in person, which will receive an emailed receipt as well. If your session is booked at least 2 weeks in advance, you can mail a LOCAL CHECK for your deposit or session fee, but, it MUST BE A LOCAL BANK’S CHECK.

IMPORTANT!! Your session will not be reserved until the session fee is received. And the session cannot take place until the deposit fee and any balance that may still be due is paid.



Let me tell you a little something. When I was a single-mother with my oldest, who’s now 21, I had his pictures taken regularly like clock-work when he was a baby, every few months or so until he was 3, because there was no way I wanted to miss or forget any stage or milestone of his early childhood. There were times I could not afford it, but, I did without certain other things, just so I could get at least some, because it was just that important to me. And now today, I am so glad I did.

But, being a single-mom, there were times I had to walk away without being able to buy all the different great poses I really, truly wanted. It made me sick to know they would just throw them away simply because I couldn’t afford more at that time. But, ~IF~ they had offered me a payment plan, I would’ve had those photos today, 21 years later, to look at and reminisce, and be able to remember every little thing about him back when he was so very small.

Because I completely understand firsthand how precious pictures are, and how you can never get that time back, I want to give you the opportunity to get all the ones that you desire. That’s why I offer payment plans on print, collection and product ordering, which can be worked out to suit your needs. You can ALSO split the sessions fee or deposit into 2 payments prior to your session, and I will still secure the date with your first 50% of the session fee down AS LONG AS the other 50% and the deposit fee is paid 7 days before the session date. Otherwise, you may need to reschedule. Just let me know if you’d like to work out a payment plan.

This way you are able to start making payments, 1, 3, 6 months or however long in advance if you know of a special day or happening that’s expected. Example: begin payments for baby’s 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday for a cake smash session,  begin payments for a maternity, birth and/or newborn session when you find out you, your adult child, or someone you love is pregnant. Begin payments the end of the school year or summer before graduation year for high school senior portraits… etc… You get the idea, things you DO NOT want to miss!

Now, the session & deposit fee are still required on or before your session day prior to beginning our time together. The lab order cannot be placed until all payments have been made. Your view & share and ordering gallery will be viewable once all payments are secure.



I use only the best professional print labs with the highest quality archival print, fine art papers and products that stand the test of time. I’ve scoured through all of the pro lab companies, and most have been tested against the others, to find the very best. So, you can be assured that you will receive just that!

Below is a list of some items available for you to purchase:

-print collection or a la carte prints
-wide selection of album choices from suede, leather, custom printed cover with your images, or layflat books to accordion take along books, mini-accordions, and brag books, etc.
-framed, matted or mounted prints
-fine art prints, metals, murals, and acrylics
-gallery wrapped canvases and collections, float wraps and stand outs- none of which require frames
-greeting cards, birth announcements, save the date, Christmas cards, etc.
-photo jewelry
-calenders & bookmarks
-posters, mugs, photo buttons & keychains
-stickers & magnets
-wall clings, puzzles & statuettes
-sports related items & trader cards
-custom dvds and cases
-custom image storage boxes
-digital images & more!

For pricing information on the items above, please contact me at with name and phone # included and subject as- PRODUCT PRICES. or use the contact form on this site. Please specify what most interests you.



*There are extra enhancing and retouching techniques, besides what I normally do, that can be done on each image at your request, and for an additional fee per image for:

-heavy blemishes
-wrinkle smoothing on skin and on clothing
-skin problems, moles, scars & discoloration
-teeth whitening
-fuller looking hair
-tatoo or piercing removal
-digital make-up retouch
-tan lines removed
-glass glare
-removal of braces
Just ask for a price quote!!

*Please allow additional time for this service.



Gift certificates are the perfect gift for anyone, but, especially for a high school senior, college student, single mom, or a new or pregnant mother. Maternity or Newborn gift certificates are very popular for baby showers. They’re great, too, for Christmas, Baby’s or Children’s Birthday, or Mother’s Day. Or if you just know a lady that deserves a pick me up, give her the gift of a Glamour session. What woman wouldn’t love to receive the gift of glamour, and get her hair, make-up and a photoshoot done professionally?

To help you decide on the amount of your gift certificate purchase, let me explain things a little better.

I don’t bundle all of your images or products in with the session, usually only a few if I do, because people generally like the flexibility to choose exactly what products they desire once they see their images. So most of the time the session fee comes with no prints or products included, or very few, and then all the images, etc… are purchased seperately from the session.

The certificates can be bought specifically to cover a session fee only, or you may bless them more with enough to purchase an entire collection of their choice as well.

You need to take into consideration this person’s ability to buy a collection if only the session fee is covered by their certificate, so there are no awkward moments for them, and they can enjoy the full benefit of your gift. Or sometimes several people go together to buy them the entire gift including their collection, so the receiver can come, enjoy themselves, and afterwards get to pick the images and/or products they want without any stress.

Just keep that in mind when deciding how much to gift them.
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to see when there’s any special deals or events happening.

Copyright Notice:

All images and text contained on this site/ad or any other site owned by Capturing Life’s Best Photography and Sherrie Conkel, including her Facebook Page, blog, Fine Art Print site, and are owned by Sherrie Conkel. It is illegal to scan, copy, download, digitally capture, right click/save, alter any image in any way or remove watermarks/logos, or make reprints without express written consent from Sherrie Conkel. Violators WILL be prosecuted.


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